Short Distance Flight from Makassar

After the previous operator (PT Dirgantara Air Service) was banned because of safety problem, now short distance flight from Makassar has just operated again since May 1, 2008 by new operator, PT Avia Star Mandiri, using turbo-prop Cassa 212-200 (20 passengers).

Makassar to Toraja
- Start from Makassar at 10:00 am on Tuesday and Friday
- Airfare: Rp. 204,000 (oneway)

Makassar to Selayar
- Start from Makassar at 7:00 am on Monday, 1:00 pm on Friday
- Airfare: Rp. 204,000.- (one way)

Makassar to Mamuju (Capital City of West Sulawesi Province) and Balikpapan
- Start from Makassar at 10:00 am on Monday, and 09:00 am on Wednesday
- Start from Mamuju to Balikpapan at 11:40 am on Monday, and 10:00 am on Wednesday
- Airfare: Makassar-Mamuju Rp. 218,300 (oneway)
- Airfare: Mamuju-Balikpapan Rp. 229,300 (oneway)

Makassar to Bua, Masamba, Seko and Rampi (North Luwu District, South Sulawesi)
- Thursday and Saturday
- Start from Makassar Hasanuddin Airport, at 7:00 am
- Arrive at Makassar at arround 12:30 pm.

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