How about French cuisine in Makassar?

Makassar is very famous for its seafood. There many good food materials especially from sea. I hope there will be good French and Italian restaurant in Makasar.

Today, I met a young chef who learned cooking in France at de Luna Resto & Cafe. He, Mr. Eko Hadiwijaya, wants to make his original French cuisine a la Makassar based on local food materials. But now, he has few chance because of conservative eating preference by Makassar people and no request to make new French menu from local people.

After talking with him, I tried to drink his hot chocolate.

Waoh, very deep taste. This is truly hot chocolate. I cannot imagine to enjoy this kind of hot chocolate!

Next is his ice cream: green tea and pistachio.

These ice creams taste very good. Yes, strong taste of green tea and pistachio.

I asked him to make French cuisine full-course with utilizing local fresh materials from Makassar and Sulawesi. He agreed and requested to make order 3-4 days before in advance. Menu is up to Mr. Eko to keep his originality and creativeness to make new Makassar-type French cuisine. Of course, the budget should be consulted.

If you want to eat true French cuisine, please contact Mr. Eko as follows:

Eko Hadiwijaya
Executive Sous Chef
de Luna Resto & Cafe
Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 37A-B, 4th Floor, Makassar
Tel. 0411-321333, Fax. 0411-324306
HP: 0811-413180